The Adaptor Between Heaven And Earth

Dr. Michael Laitman“Zohar For All – Passover,” “Bo (Come unto Pharaoh),” Item 174: … It is written, “A land where you shall eat bread without scarceness.” “Scarceness” is bread of affliction. It is called, “bread of affliction” because the moon, Malchut, has been waned and is not blessed by the sun, ZA, and does not shine from the sun, as it is written, “For all that is in the heaven and in the earth.” This means that, “All,” which is Yesod ZA, clings to the heaven, ZA, and to the earth, Malchut, receiving from the heaven and giving to the earth.

The main thing is the relationship between Zeir Anpin and Malchut, because Bina, by formatting Zeir Anpin its bestowal upon Malchut, actually shows that if Malchut doesn’t adapt itself to Zeir Anpin, it is in smallness and it doesn’t even have the head of the Partzuf. Therefore, it is called Zeir Anpin, “a small face,” and Malchut has nothing, which is the point of darkness.

It says that there is no Creator without a created being, since Zeir Anpin is artificial. It is a tool that was created by Bina, which is empty and which becomes full, whole, and big according to how much Malchut can reach an equivalence of form with it.

It turns out that Malchut determines the size of Zeir Anpin since it has nothing of its own except what it needs to take, the attributes from Bina, and to arrange them, and thus bring Malchut to the level of Bina and then to the level of Keter.

The Creator is called Kadosh Baruch Hu (The Holy One, Blessed), because this Partzuf is holy for us—by holy we mean the one who bestows. He sets an example for us as to what we should be, He corrects us and we reach an adhesion with Him, but actually there is no Creator without the created being. It is because He has no form if we don’t stabilize a certain deficiency or a desire below. By that deficiency we reveal Him to the Light of Bina, which then fills Him.

This is a very special mechanism. Zeir Anpin always, wherever we study about it, in the four phases of the direct Light, or in other places, is a “small face,” we go over it quickly and there is nothing we can say about it. We must understand that Zeir Anpin is the adaptor between Hochma and Bina, (father and mother) and Malchut. On the side of Bina it has the attributes of Hassadim and doesn’t need anything. If it has a deficiency on the side of Malchut, then accordingly the Lights of Hassadim will be revealed in it and it will be filled with the Light of Hochma, but only if Malchut will want to adhere to it.

Zeir Anpin is VAK, (six Sefirot), and Malchut is a point. VAK symbolizes that it is empty and is ready to develop according to the point of Malchut if it wants to become more than a point.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/12, The Zohar

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