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  1. I must always remember that evil is the force from the Creator, for “There is none else besides Him.” How should I treat evil? Evil was given to me for correction, so it can be turned into good.
  2. When does evil become good? It does so when I correlate evil to the Creator.
  3. How can one unveil evil becoming good? Light enters the desires between which there is no screen (connection, common intention, and mutual guarantee), and so the Light’s good turns evil (egoism) into good, which fills the “space” between us. Along with our efforts attracting OM (Ohr Makif, the Correcting Light), we summon evil (egoism, Pharaoh, the opposite side of the Creator) that turns into good (bestowal, love, revelation of the Creator).
  4. How do we attribute all of our work to the Creator? Everything comes from the Creator. Exile is where the Creator hides from a person; work-in-exile is the revelation of the Creator, and exiting the exile means revealing that “There is none else besides Him.”
  5. What is the cause for burdening of the spiritual mood? The fact that a person forgets that one receives everything from the Creator! And as soon as one remembers it, then it is immediately determined how to relate and to respond to this state designed by the Creator.


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