Contact In A Force Field

laitman_579Question: Do you feel the students sitting in front of you as one entity, as one breath? Or can you feel almost everyone?

Answer: No, I usually don’t tune into each person. I do it very rarely, only if the person has a special internal movement, and one really wants to cling to me.

There are some people who need it. Then I act so that one feels that this phrase is for him alone. By doing so I hug this person or put my arm around him, transferring something of mine into him. This happens very rarely.

Comment: Many people who watch you on TV or even sit during the lesson experience a feeling that your words are addressed specifically to them. They supposedly get answers to their questions.

Answer: This is actually the case.

But now I’m talking about a purely internal contact with a particular student in one’s particular state.

It’s not important for a student to sit in front of me. Imagine a huge meadow covered with flowers of different heights, as though in a movie, where the flowers sing to the music while coming out of the ground and going back. You take care of this flower bed by cheering this one on, and by petting the other one a little. It doesn’t matter where they are. A job is a job.

This is just a field where the young plants grow. Thus, my physical and external contact with a person in this world has no meaning. Maybe one hasn’t been born yet, and will watch this TV program only twenty years from now once born and grown up. Contact occurs in a force field, and in any case will reach him.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/2/14

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