For The First Time Since Abraham

Laitman_115_04The creation goes through three stages.

The first stage is “Infinity.” There, we are in a perfect state that is given to us from Above and derives from the thought of creation. The thought of wellbeing in the creations instantaneously reveals itself since the Creator does not have to do any actions in order to bring good to His creations. However, the creations exist only “in potential,” which will be implemented in the future.

The second state is the descent from Infinity through five worlds down to this world. On this way, we go through shattering and splitting into two systems: wickedness and purity. A special Partzuf (Adam HaRishon) appears at this stage; later it shatters as a result of the sin of the “Tree of Knowledge.” Souls break and proliferate; the evil unfolds to the level of this world, to its lowest degree.

On this plane, our development is called “evolution” during which we reach the very bottom; at the same time, it is a turning point that allows us to alter the tendency of our advancement. In this “bifocal” point, the creation starts rising, i.e., we begin understanding and acknowledging questions like “Who am I? What am I for? What is the purpose of my life?” This quest is especially acute for our generation. It is inexplicable, painful, and burdensome; it brings us desperation, helplessness and lots of problems.

From this point on, humanity has to begin its advancement in a new direction; it has to understand and realize how it should correct itself and admit that our correction is mandatory and unavoidable.

At this point, all of humanity splits into two categories:

Those awakened from Above who received a point in the heart, a special desire that draws them to know the Divine, without “introductory” disasters and difficulties. It is the lack of knowledge that draws them upward. These people come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Others do not tend to reveal the reasons, purpose, or essence of their existence. They don’t bother questioning themselves about the purpose of their existence; they are satisfied with the lives they have and try to get maximal benefit with minimal expense.

These two categories advanced throughout the entire history until today. Nowadays, one of these groups has acquired the energy to ascend. This group is receiving the power of The Book of Zohar that truly makes them capable of a large-scale self-correction not feasible since Abraham’s time.

These things are possible only in Keter and Malchut of the entire process, i.e., in its highest and lowest degrees.

By going through these states, we approach the realization of the third state. It is the second state that leads us to it. The third state is our goal, the end of correction, when we once again become included in the Creator, in the unity among us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/7/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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