The Law Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that under the bestowal of Ohr Makif  (Surrounding Light) we begin bestowing to an empty vacuum, which we don’t feel. What does it means to bestow to a vacuum?

Answer: We have to come to a point that we will bestow without demanding any reward in return so the act of bestowal itself will be for us a fulfillment, a reward.

Question: How can I understand that I perform an act of bestowal?

Answer: Let’s assume that in front of you stands a very respected personality or a person that is famous and known all over the world. You will feel respect and awe, and would want to give him a gift. You feel satisfaction, because in a way, you receive a gift since such a respected person has received a gift from you.

That is how you have to work with everyone that you love or respect, because love is expressed in the gift. I want to do something pleasant for the other, because I enjoy when I give him something and he receives from me. Kabbalah is arranged on this principle. I give or bestow to the Creator, but I actually receive pleasure from it.

Question: It is not about corporeal gifts, but about relationships?

Answer: Try also to practice with corporeal gifts. But of course, the main thing is the relationships. If you love a person, you look for possibilities to give him something. And not because you want to bring him pleasure, but because you enjoy it. You relate to him like a mother relates to her baby. She will cover him with a blanket, then later take the blanket off. She will check on this and that. She will watch him, and if he is not smiling, she will play with him, so he will smile. This is the law of love. The law of love is the law of bestowal! If I love someone, then giving to him fills me with pleasure. He takes and enjoys it.

Question: But I need to know what he wants?

Answer: Right, it means you need to feel him. No problem, feel! Let’s assume that a person you love has a birthday tomorrow. You think to yourself, “What present will I give him? What does he want? What are his needs? How do I bring him joy?”

You would calculate: “Should I do it this way or that way? How is it better to get to know him? How do I best reveal him? How to feel? What to give to him?”

These calculations are based on attaining of the Creator. Otherwise it will be egoistic! Because at the time of spiritual bestowal, I bestow and enjoy. I bestow more, I enjoy more. But each time I have to clarify what he wants and what else I can bestow to him.

Question: How does one know? Does one guess?

Answer: No, ask him to tell you, so you will be able to fulfill him, and with this, you yourself will be fulfilled in his Light.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 3

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