Receiving In Order To Bestow

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the intention in order to bestow? If I work with the desire of the other in order to fulfill it instead of fulfilling myself, this is called an intention in order to bestow to another. Working with the desire of the other is called yearning to fulfill him. And because this is not my desire, this is considered to be work with an intention. I consider this desire even higher and more precious than my desire, like in relation to my infant.

It is not important that the desire of the other is materialistic, but since he was originally a stranger to me, and my ego and hatred separated between us, therefore to leap above my ego and to fulfill the desire of the other is called working with an intention in order to bestow. I receive this fulfillment for him from above and convey it to him, meaning receiving in order to bestow.

Question: But all the time, when I finally check myself, I discover that I worked in order to benefit myself somehow!

Answer: So you are still in this world and not in the spiritual world. This is about the desire of the other that I truly absorb, putting it above my ego that rejects him. I ask the Upper Light to make your desire like my desire, and then I work on your desire as if it were my desire.

This means that I receive an opportunity from above to feel your desire “as my own.” But it isn’t mine, rather it is  “like mine,” meaning above my ego. We don’t understand this important distinction.

It follows that I work on your desire and fulfill it because I want to connect with you, and in this connection to give contentment to the Creator. This is because we give Him contentment through all of the connections of the parts of the shattered vessel.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/14

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  1. Like putting on a piece of clothing. This is my shirt! It belongs to me, I take my friends desire, and it becomes my own. It’s so simple. Between the two of us……it’s just another way to transcend duality of me and him. God is found above that is in the connection between us.

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