620 Nested Infinities

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that everyone uses himself to fulfill the desire of the friend, of others?

Answer: I can connect to the friend if I know his desire. There is no other way I can connect to his desire to receive. I have to know what you want and make an effort to get it.

There is nothing but the desire to receive, and if I want to be connected to you, I have to fill you, and you should do the same for me. So no one can fill oneself on the corporeal level, yet each one can fill the other on a spiritual level.

In order to do so, I have to find out what you want. It turns out that I am the upper Partzuf with regard to you and you are the lower Partzuf. I take your desires from you, I am incorporated in them, and raise them upwards; thus, I become a conductor between you and the Creator. This is how I fill you.

Everyone does that for the other. Imagine billions of Partzufim, each inside the other in different discernments, each one asking for the filling of the other.

Thus the deficiencies and the fillings go from one to the other in a chain of levels until they reach the world of Infinity. Thus, we discover one general vessel where everyone is incorporated in everyone and connected into one desire like it was before the shattering.

But this one desire is complex because it contains the shattering, the distance, the ego, that doesn’t let us connect. This desire is complex because everyone is incorporated in everyone, and therefore its intensity grows by 620 times the simple, initial desire.

Everyone absorbs the deficiency of the other and is rewarded with filling it, thus we intensify ourselves. If I am connected to all the parts of the general soul and eventually have to raise a prayer for all of us, then the light of Infinity passes through me to everyone from the top down.

This is what happens with each of us. We connect and grow until infinity, and eventually we reach an incredible power. We call this growth 620 times, although it isn’t a number, but a qualitative concept.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/24/14

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