The Millstones Of Providence

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from Russian Bazaar): “This striking phenomenon was noted long ago: aging, dying nations are hostile towards Jews, but the countries that are booming welcome Jews. Some explain this pattern rationally: Jewish banks and capital are a powerful catalyst of economic and intellectual progress, others by Divine providence and the highest laws of metaphysics.

“Anyway, but this pattern continues throughout centuries, repeating again and again.

“The great conquerors of antiquity Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar made no secret of their sympathy for the Jews and contributed to their prosperity. Greedy and arrogant Greek Seleucids, leading their empire to collapse, persecuted and ruined the Jews and provoked the Maccabean revolt.

“The defeat of the Jewish revolts at the beginning of the first millennium coincided with the beginning of the decline of the Roman Empire.

“The triumph of Christian Spain happened together with the apogee of the development of the Jewish community, and after the expulsion of the Jews, Spain ceases to be a great power.

“The Rise of Britain begins with the Cromwell’s invitation of Jews; the kingdom transforms into a leading country in Europe and the Mistress of the Seas. London’s betrayal of Jews before World War II marks the beginning of the collapse of the empire.

“By inviting the Jews, Polish King Casimir strengthened his state, turning it into one of the strongest in Europe. The policy of persecution of the Jews brought anarchy and the end to the state.

“Russia fully demonstrates this paradigm: the involvement of Jews in public life and the rejection of anti-Semitism lead the country to prosperity, and then attacks on Jews and discrimination lead to the decline and disintegration of the country.

“Today, Western Europe is a dying, degrading civilization. The fertility rate is 1.5, with a minimum of 2.1 children per woman. Educated and ambitious young people leave Europe for the USA, Canada, Australia; in 2013, 300,000 people, graduates of prestigious universities, young professionals and entrepreneurs left France. Specialists from Spain go to work in Latin America, Poland and even Morocco. The economic crisis has hit the Old World, and it is in ‘free fall.’

“Germany’s economy rests on a strong industrial basis of the last century and the reputation of German goods. Its hi-tech is behind the United States, the Far East, and Israel. Italy is a bankrupt country.

“Almost all Western European countries live on credit. Western Europe is still dominated by the extreme left ideologies.

“Europe is heading back to the feudal states – Catalonia in Spain, Scotland in Britain; Belgium will split into the rich Flanders and stagnating Wallonia. In Switzerland, there is fear that the Burgundian separatists want to take possession of the Swiss wealth, to occupy Geneva and Lausanne. Separatist sentiments are brewing in French Brittany.

“This is today’s Western Europe, degrading, pathetic, devoid of values and even a self-preservation instinct, a place where leftist professors, intellectuals and students go side by side with immigrants from Maghreb and Pakistan to support the ‘rights of the Palestinian people,’ boycott and collapse of their own states.

“So, paradoxically, the dying, tired of history Europe unites with its future conquerors against the Jews, demanding sanctions and boycott of the state, which also is a part of the European civilization. And thus, according to immutable laws of metaphysics, and thus it signs its own death warrant.

“The USA, Canada, Australia support Israel and seek to develop cooperation with it. Despite political differences with the current administration, the boycott campaign has not taken root in the USA, and the number of Americans sympathetic to Israel is increasing. Leading American companies and Intel chose Israel as the main center of the program ‘Research and experimental development’ (R & D). The USA accounts for about 40% of Israel’s exports (Germany only 7%). Some of these figures are sufficient to dispel fears of a catastrophe in the case of a boycott.

“Another trend is the third world countries – the economic giants of the Far East, India, Latin America. Here people are indifferent to the ‘Palestinian problem,’ but very interested in Israeli technology and cooperation with Israel.

“Israel has always been culturally oriented towards Europe and morally dependent on the Old World, in whatever poor condition the latter is. The opinion of Europeans still means much for Israelites, and cultural preferences and dependence are difficult to overcome.

“Israel will have to console itself with the fact that it has sympathies of Eastern Europe. In the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Baltic States, Israel retains the image of a strong and brave country, resisting the neighboring authoritarian regimes.

“Israel cannot be threatened by boycott and isolation – it has enough friends and partners. It only needs to be able to see them, instead of relying on a hostile crumbling civilization, forgetting about its history and bitter experience.”

My Comment: The world has yet to reveal the true picture of the development of Earth’s civilization, which runs through the Jews both visibly and in concealment (the ten lost tribes, etc.), and now it is coming to its logical conclusion: the implementation of the method of global unification, the rise to the next level, the entrance to a new reality.

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