Are Mass Protests An Escape From Depression?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today society doesn’t feel sympathy for people in power. For the past two or three years, many nations have gone through similar processes of social resentment and anger. What can you recommend in connection to this widespread and increasing phenomenon?

Answer: I have met with very wealthy people who say: “If I don’t have profits, what will I share?” I very much wanted to answer them: “Don’t distribute anything! They can have everything without you.”

I certainly didn’t answer them this way, but their position is understandable. In the past, they created the workplaces, distributed bonuses and awards, and through the media, they have broadcast rumors that they have used their wealth to care for others.

Today the rich have nothing to share, even if they wanted to. People suddenly feel empty inside instead of feeling the previous natural drives of “I want this, and this, and this!” Now, it is not possible to build a new desire within them; what would fulfill them if there is no desire, no deficiency?

Do you suppose that an artist or composer entering a supermarket can fulfill himself one-hundred percent? No! He must buy products to sustain and fortify his body, but the main thing for him is to fulfill his inner need. Such a situation today is typical of regular people. Why? It is because nature has stopped arousing us with desires that we are used to receiving through some channel and we have suddenly found ourselves with emptiness.

Mass protests have become a regular phenomenon today. Why do these people go out to the streets? They are looking for fulfillment! They don’t care who will rule because they think that through it they will find new fulfillment, and seize some source and purpose of life. But what is to be done? It won’t happen. They are ready to shut their eyes, to sink into a swoon from using drugs, just to not feel the emptiness. Half of humanity has sunken into depression. We must understand that they have no other possibility.

So leaders have lost their status among the masses. If in the past the masses yearned for wealth, control, and respect, today this doesn’t exist. They don’t see people whom they should worship among their leaders. Today the leaders are worse than the simple people, and they also despise them, asking why they should waste their lives on them?

The younger generation, who are 15-30 years old today, perceive them exactly like that. Only older people remain in this old paradigm. There is no way out for influential people other than to give people Integral Education. Only in this way will they be ready to maintain their influence and even rise to a new qualitative level in the eyes of society.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/10/14

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