Short Stories: The Source Of The Spiritual Practices

Dr. Michael LaitmanAncient Babylon was the cradle of different streams and spiritual methods. Before the age of Abraham, the Babylonians lived in peace, love, and friendship as Noah’s followers taught them. However, after the growth of the ego, they began to draw away from one another and broke up into many groups.

Every group began to worship another god (attribute or force) as a result of its inner inclination. It wasn’t the simple worship of stones and trees but of the forces of nature. Thus, many gods that included black and white magic, astrology and other methods appeared and exist to this very day.

Abraham experienced a real tragedy when he realized that he needed to stand apart from everyone and create a radically new school. The difference between his school and others was huge because its methodology was based on the use of negative powers to attain positive elevation. The teachings of all the other schools were built on a method to placate the negative forces of nature and live in agreement and harmony with them.

Abraham believed that there is nothing negative in the world. If something seems negative, it is only because we use it incorrectly. The moment we begin to use the negative forces correctly, by ascending above them with the help of the positive forces, we immediately begin to ascend. Thus the negative forces are actually essential since they all stem from the Creator who is good and benevolent. It is only our use of these forces that is wrong. The spiritual system obliges a person to work on himself in order to position his negative and positive attributes correctly.

By disseminating and explaining his method, Abraham encountered very serious periods of conflict with his countrymen. As a result, he had to leave ancient Babylon and totally detach from everything in the heart and mind that he knew on the previous level, i.e., to totally renounce polytheism and all kinds of spiritual practices. He knew that there is only man, the society in which man wants to resemble the Creator, and the Creator himself.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/15/14

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