The Force Of Overcoming, Part 5

laitman_600_02Question: Why is it that our life is not easy from the beginning? Why do we need all these hardships?

Answer: Problems are necessary to make us clarify what in fact is important in life and then to make it into the goal we pursue. In other words, I have to understand why I live all these years and what I fill each day of my existence with in order to achieve the desirable goal.

We should choose what we want to achieve by the end of our lives and place this image in front of us as a reference. We should make this goal extremely desirable so that we work hard to achieve it and continue thinking about ways of approaching and better understanding it.

In this case, all the work we do won’t require any effort on our side; it’s as if we are little children who run around the room without getting tired, who do not consider their movement to be a hard work. Everything is determined by the importance of the goal.

In order to make the goal important, we have to be a part of a society that helps us shape the priorities that we are currently lacking. At the expense of our surroundings, we overcome our previous interest in useless things. Our environment turns into a vital factor that changes our priorities.

That’s why when we join the group of people that guarantees that we accept certain values, it is enough to become a part of them in order to continue our advancement, discuss things with them, and get inspired by their attitude. In this case, our work on attaining the goal will be very easy.

When choosing a goal, we in fact never pick it by itself; rather, we select the surroundings that help us realize the importance of the goal. Then, our advancement towards our goal will be easy and pleasant.

For example, in order to stay on a diet, one needs a group that values slimness and a healthy lifestyle. In this case, instead of forcing ourselves into observing the diet, we would voluntarily do it. In this case, we won’t have to overcome ourselves. The only thing that we need in order to pursue our goal is joining a new environment that will do the work for us. This is what the patent is about.

People around us will convince us that losing weight is very important and then we’ll easily stay on the diet. It won’t be necessary to fight with ourselves in restricting our food intake. Overcoming is crucial only to connect with the correct surroundings and accept the importance of the task of losing weight from them.

We are constantly using this rule without realizing this fact. All clubs are organized in accordance with this principle: groups that combat obesity, sports clubs, etc. A person gets into a certain environment that explains to him or her the importance of the goal; then one starts aspiring to the same goal, and thus voluntarily follows the rules. In this case, one doesn’t have to overpower oneself.

This explains why when a boss sees that an employee is acting lazy he has to invite specialists who know how to raise the importance of the work, in other words, motivate the employees. When people are enthused, they have energy to work well. If they don’t have a stimulus, nothing can help. In this case, the boss will always have to watch them with a stick in his hands.

An employee will naturally come to the conclusion that it’s better to complete the work instead of getting hit. Again, overcoming is needed not to do the work but to persuade oneself that avoiding potential troubles is far more important. We cannot achieve anything by fighting ourselves. Overcoming is required only to realize the importance of the work we do. It applies to everything and everybody at each given moment of our lives.

Question: Why do we feel that we constantly need to overcome things?

Answer: It happens because we haven’t chosen the goal, nor have we selected the remedies for achieving it. That’s why we get desperate, cry of our powerlessness, get upset… If we knew the goal and were aware of what can inspire us and show us the importance of our activities to the degree that we really aspire to achieve the goal, we wouldn’t have to ever overcome anything at all. We won’t have to work beyond our ability; we’d have as much energy as we need for that. It’s a unique patent.d

Question: Does it mean that we should orient our children to choose a goal at a very early age? Does it mean that if we do so, our child’s life will be easier? Why doesn’t it happen in reality?

Answer: It’s because we don’t know how to educate and bring up ourselves and our children. The essence of any education is to make a person realize and accept the purpose of life and show them how to obtain a huge desire to achieve it with the help of the environment. In this case, our life will become a “vacation,” entertainment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/27/14

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