Realization Of The Idea: How It Works

From the brochure “The Only Way Out.”

For the idea of “Love thy neighbor as thyself” to begin to work, it is necessary to come to, in modern terms, real integral relationships between people.

A person is born different to a certain extent and by oneself or by force cannot become integral. This fact is well known and needs no proof. On the other hand, we want, or rather, must become like that.

There is only one way—education, or if you prefer, enlightenment. It should be based not on fictional, even if the most beautiful, theories, but on the laws that were originally inherent in nature and that are described in Kabbalah.

It is impossible to build the correct relationships between people without basic knowledge about the human being, nature, the environment, and their interaction with each other.

The environment is not just the people one is in direct contact with. It includes books, movies, the Internet, and even thoughts.

Only the human being is able to change dramatically under the influence of society, the environment, in contrast to all the other creatures on Earth. Obviously, not by chance, when we talk about the impact of the ecosystem on human, we use the word “environment.”

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