The Right Spiritual Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If in going out to people we want to convey a feeling of connection to them, do we need to relate to them in a particular way, let’s say, like parents to their children, with love?

Answer: We need to relate to them as to unique people among all of humanity. Since the Creator brought you into contact specifically with them, you need to open yourself emotionally with regard to them. The emotional intention determines everything.

Question: We are scheduled to go meet with the upper management of the city. But I have personally felt an internal prejudice against them. Can I  go out to people in such a state?

Answer: Absolutely not. The Creator arranges all of this; He constructs all kinds of distortions and contorted faces for you. And you must relate to Him with love. You stand before others as if you are standing before the Creator. This experience has been prepared for you so that you will see that if you don’t love someone and cannot make him love you, it is a sign that you don’t have the right spiritual intention.

Question: The Light carries out all of the actions with the external public. I don’t feel Him, but only see the positive result, which according to my calculations shouldn’t have happened. How does the work of the Light begin and what depends on me so this work will begin?

Answer: In truth, sometimes you feel internal insensitivity, arrogance, and contempt for everyone. Externally you also speak with difficulty. And suddenly you see that people are really excited and  fired up, even though you weren’t quite configured for this.

But the Light operates according to its own laws. This has happened with me more than once, even in the lessons. The Creator arranges all of this to show you that it makes no difference how you perceive everything. He does His work and in order to provide you with an example of this, He gives you states of contempt, arrogance, and so on, while you must rise above them.
From a conversation at the Sochi Convention 6/9/14

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