Get Rid Of Illusions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have often heard the friends say: “I will do my best, and if I don’t achieve anything in this life, at least I will follow this path.” Is this the right approach or not? Or should a person say that: “I will attain spirituality in this life !”?

Answer: In this life means on this level. After all, whatever we don’t feel seems to be beyond this life. It also exists, but in another dimension.

Suppose I live in a body and feel my life through it. However, if I work on myself, I bring myself to a state in which I begin to experience additional feelings in life: new attributes, new desires, and new relations on a higher level; the attributes of bestowal  are due to my connection with others. These attributes have nothing to do with my initial desire (not the body but the desire).

Therefore, I simply fulfill myself on the next level by making myself a more sublime creature. If I can do that, the desires of my current level gradually change into more sublime desires.

Why were we given a body that actually has nothing to do with our desires? After all, we could have desires that are external to our body and fulfill them outside the body.

Comment: It is difficult to picture that.

Answer: Why? Is it difficult for you to imagine that I enjoy a cup of coffee without preparing it, pouring it into a cup, and then pouring it down my throat, and feeling some pleasure in it? It is all about sensors, which are attached external factors! It isn’t the drink.

We can insert electrodes into the brain or put on a helmet with electrodes and feel the same sensations. So where am I actually?

The point is that we are impressed by different things, that there are forces that manage us and it seems that we actually move our hands, and speak to one another, but in fact it isn’t so. The matter, that we feel, doesn’t really exist.

Therefore, our first task is to get rid of this illusion and  rise above it. Then our movements will be rational and not silly like a baby who jerks his hands and legs in every direction and cannot control them.

We will begin to work directly with the forces that invoke us and will know how to respond to them. We will be in bilateral relations with them and will see the goal.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/12/14

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