A Crisis Of The Egoistic Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world entered into a crisis long before 2008, when it became obvious to everyone. However, before then, no one wanted to speak about it. It is not just that the stock market fell or some bank became bankrupt, rather the global crisis encompassed the entire world. The world began to see that it is entirely linked in a single system, but this system is not good.

We want to work together. Europe is united by desperation, because we are completely interdependent. However, the laws that connect us are egoistic laws, and so, instead of using each other correctly, we harm and ruin each other.

This was not so before. International trade, international relations, universities, factories, companies, and nations developed. Everything worked well according to the principle of mutually beneficial exchange, “You – Me, Me – You,” and it was possible to develop.

But the problem is that there are specific dependencies in the world that have turned into a closed system, one integral network. This is no longer the old economic, political, and cultural relations between some nations, but unique new relationships between us are needed.

However, we don’t understand these unique relationships because we are egoistic by nature. Even though we all are linked to each other integrally around the globe, we continue to work with each other according to a regular, egoistic, capitalistic standard to which we have become habituated, and so these links don’t work.

This is the crisis. The contradiction between the new relationships that we must establish between us in the world, connected in new ways, and our inability to reach this is due to a lack of knowledge.

People think that they can continue to exist as before. But, the world, human society, all the still, vegetative, and animate nature, including humanity, already have become a system in which we must transform our attitude. This is specifically required from us humans, not still, vegetative, and animate nature.

So, if we are thinking of going deeper into the reason for the crisis, it will become clear that the reason is our perception. All that is the matter is that we aren’t aware of the kind of a network of mutual connections we suddenly have found ourselves in and how all of us together must behave according to the conditions of this network.

Here, Kabbalah comes to the rescue. It explains that the world today must act the same way we behave in a group of friends, each helping his friend, being integrated with the desires of one another and seeing all as one person with one heart. Those laws must gradually prevail in the world.

Whether the world wants it or not, it already is beginning to behave according to these connections, and if we don’t go out to humanity and teach and explain to them what is happening today, then we are not applying the wisdom of Kabbalah. We are not carrying out our mission for which we have received this knowledge.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/16/14, “Preparation for the Convention in America”

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