A Simple Understanding Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou should know that now the whole world is a group and we must teach this group, every person and everyone together, how to behave correctly according to the rules of the group. So we have begun widespread dissemination, but in a form compatible with the world, called integral education or the wisdom of connection.

It is impossible to go out to the world under the name Kabbalah. But in the end, we must really teach everyone the essence of the network of connection between us.

To the degree that we enter and integrate into this network, we feel our interconnection with everyone and discover that these connections between us are governed by the same rules that operate between the Sefirot, between the Partzufim and the worlds in Kabbalah.

Where does the spiritual world come from? The whole spiritual world is the altruistic connection between us. If we transform the one-sided egoistic, severed, non-global connections into a corrected global network, then we see this network as a spiritual system and the whole world as one Malchut de Ein Sof (Infinity).

The different levels of connection between us are the higher worlds: Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira,  Assiya, and this world. In the end, we correct all of these connections such that the Olam Ein Sof  (world of infinity) is among us, without any borders. All of us are connected together in one place, with one desire, which is called Malchut de Ein Sof.

It follows that there is no difference between the wisdom of Kabbalah and integral education. Integral education is the same as the wisdom of Kabbalah, only with simple explanations that are adapted for children. When the children mature, we will no longer teach them through simple explanations with colorful pictures, but in a more serious form.

That is how they teach in a medical school; first they dissect rabbits and after that they go on to humans. So we first go out to the wider world with an initial simple explanation, called integral education or the wisdom of connection, but after that we combine this with some knowledge from Kabbalah.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/16/14, Preparation for the Convention in America

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