Do The Masses Need Kabbalah?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we need to tell the 99% of the population about the wisdom of Kabbalah? If yes, then what would the consequences of that be?

Answer: We study the wisdom of Kabbalah because it allows us to solve our problem, the desire to be connected with the Creator, to reveal Him in our unity according to the laws of connection and equivalence precisely between us. But when we communicate with the 99% of the population, we talk only about the earthly connection on the level for which they have a desire. We always need to relate to people according to their desires. This is why we don’t disclose anything from the wisdom of Kabbalah; they aren’t drawn to it and don’t feel a need for it. Conversely, it only repels them.

But gradually, this will pass. At least in Israel where resistance to Kabbalah is very great, it’s happening rather quickly. People are already understanding, more or less, that from one perspective, it’s Kabbalah, from another, it’s mutual guarantee, and from a third aspect, it’s roundtables, and it all goes together. Today contrary to our worries, the public is capable of accepting the integral method and it doesn’t repel or scare them.

Thus, in the future, they’ll react calmly to the fact that you are studying Kabbalah, but only for your own self. And it’s indeed for yourselves.

They don’t have that desire, but you do. That’s first. And second is that they’ll understand that everything they’d like to learn about our world, its correction, and about how easy it is to live well in this world, it turns out that it all comes from Kabbalah. But by that time they will have matured internally to such an extent, and will feel the global connection of the world so much that they’ll feel that Kabbalah speaks only of this, and in general, that it’s not a religion and doesn’t pertain to Judaism or anything else, but it’s simply a study of the overall creation. They will readily accept that. They won’t start studying Kabbalah, but they will be glad that what they are doing comes from such an ancient universal human science. And all of this will converge in them into one common concept.

It was difficult for us to understand this because we only sought the attainment of something higher, the upper world and the upper force, but for them, it will be very simple. They will realize it very quickly.
From a Talk During a Meal in Toronto, 6/19/2012

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