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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the best way to unite with the desires of the 99% of the population, in order to be successful in dissemination?

Answer: In our time, the common system of mankind is being revealed as a single whole. This is why the crisis that surrounds us is global and integral. It cannot be solved in any egoistic, individual way. Nor can we pretend to play protectionism since it would only lead to such problems we would never manage to come out of: That is the direct path to world war. This is why everyone is afraid; everyone understands that something needs to be done here. But what do we do—no one has solutions or options—and we see this.

So we need to begin to teach people the meaning of mutual guarantee, mutual connection, mutual obligation. This is exactly what nature is imposing on us today, and there is nowhere to hide from this. We must do this, since on one hand, we were given the ability to understand this system, and on the other hand, we will not advance without this.

It is written in the article “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)” that the entire system is built in such a way that people who have received a special drive for the spiritual must be the intermediary between the spiritual, upper force of nature, the Creator, and the rest of humanity that is not capable of realizing and understanding where it is, why it is here, and its purpose.

Our objective is to present the masses with the idea of the integral world that is now being gradually revealed and discovered, with the idea that we are opposite to the integral system, and this is the reason we perceive it as a crisis. We must understand what we need to do in this state and how we are to unite.

It is written in the article “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah” that Kabbalah is the method of the revelation of the Creator to the people in this world.

If we, on one hand, study Kabbalah, the revelation of the upper force to the extent of our similarity to it, our becoming closer to it in qualities, we become one common whole with it.

On the other hand, since we exist in this world, we have the opportunity to be connected with the rest of humanity, and through us, the entire humanity connects around the Creator.

These are not just lofty words; this is really the way it is. We see how people today are incapable of solving any problems, that they do not even understand things at all: “Are there really any changes in the world?” Many live as if nothing is happening. And this is not because nothing is happening, but because they do not feel them, they are not yet able to feel these changes.

We must teach them about all this. But, not the way we learn; they will not understand this since the point in the heart has not yet awakened in them, the part, which connects us with the Creator. We must teach them to be closer, to unite, to help one another on the corporeal level, so they will realize all this, and we will add our intention to this; in other words, together, we will all represent a single common Partzuf, where we are the head, and they are the body of the Partzuf, the desire. And this single spiritual Partzuf operates together.

This is why we must necessarily be connected with the Creator through the wisdom of Kabbalah, though our intention, through seminars and everything else, and at the same time, we must be connected with the 99% of the population, do different kinds of “round” tables with them.

This is the essence of our work: internally with the Creator, and externally with the rest of mankind to bring them closer to me, and they will very quickly feel that they need us.
From a Talk During the Meal in Toronto, 6/19/12

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