A Molten Sphere

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe way to exit the crisis (our ego), which means the method of the integral education is made of nine phases, stations, or lessons.

Phase one: Introduction to the concept of mutual guarantee by which we understand that unity is a wonderful thing.

Phase two: Overcoming the resistance of the ego with the help of a strong environment,

Phase three: Clarifying the center of the group, the “raspberry ball.”

The center of the group isn’t just a positive attitude towards the friends and the readiness to help one another. The raspberry sphere or ball means that I totally stop relating to others personally. This means that we seem to be free of our external attires, of our skin, of the body, of the bones, of all the inner innate characteristics, leaving only the spark, the Reshimo (spiritual reminiscence). Only the Reshimo is left of each of us, which means the inner spirituality of each one, his yearning for connection.

I don’t see faces anymore. If I see them, I have to work on myself so that I will not see anything. My friends are their determination and their effort to reach connection. This is the only spiritual part, the broken Reshimo that is revealed and the efforts of the friend, to reach connection, which means to bring it back to the corrected state despite this Reshimo.

So we don’t see any faces now, no personal characters, no gender, no behaviors or habits that people may have. If I still identify the differences in the relations of the friends towards one another, then it isn’t a group. In the group everyone is equal, which means that I don’t see any difference between them. All the friends seem like Reshimot and efforts to reach connection.

This is where the third lesson of the raspberry ball begins. It ends when everyone connects into one concept, rising above themselves, reaching connection and discovering in it the solution that no one had before. This is called the upper “all inclusive.” It is already a step forward in which Keter of the lower becomes Malchut of an upper level.

This state is called the raspberry ball in which all the sparks, the Reshimot, have melted and merged like drops of water that connect into one big drop.

I saw a report from a space station once where there was no gravity and where there was a leak. The astronaut placed a bucket there and when he shook the liquid out, it fell out like one huge cosmic drop, half a meter in radius, which was held together by the surface tension and the forces of the mutual molecular cooperation that connects all the molecules.

We should see the same thing in our raspberry ball. We find ourselves in space by nullifying all our forces and by building one ball of unity. Of course, we have to constantly support it, since there are interferences that constantly come along with regard to the unity. We struggle for our unity, since we want to go on living because our raspberry ball is the beginning of the spiritual ladder.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 01/02/14, Lesson on the Topic: “9 Steps”

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