“Teen Violence Gaining Momentum In The US”

Dr. Michael LaitmnaIn the News (from The Voice of Russia): “The US police have begun a round-up of participants in the popular teenage game ‘Knockout.’ Its task is to ‘cold cock’ a passer-by in one blow. The main condition is that the victim must be a white person. But it is exclusively African Americans and immigrants from Latin America who are carrying out these attacks. More and more teenagers are becoming involved in the game thanks in no small part to the Internet and social networks.

“Similar incidents occur in different cities and states across America: St. Louis, Syracuse, Washington DC, and the state of New Jersey. Policemen say that the dangerous game is spreading throughout the United States like a virus. And social networks are only warming up public interest. Such behavior of adolescents is a consequence of the position the majority of African Americans have in American society, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vilen Ivanov believes.

“’Such outbursts of violence, including with the use of weapons, became frequent, and often this violence is wanton. And we cannot say that these facts are inspired by someone. It is a spontaneous expression of discontent at the teenage level.’

“However, there is another explanation, expert of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis Vladimir Fainzilberg believes. In his opinion, the main reason for the increasing aggression of adolescents lies in imposing strict limits and norms of behavior on them, as well as in restriction of freedom for security purposes.

“’Of course, this creates a negative impact on the psyche of young people. It makes them nervous and provokes the use of weapons. Moreover, nowadays there are numerous computer games also based on the use of arms and exaltation of the identity of those who possess it. This forms a certain world outlook among the American youth.’

“According to the expert, mass media and cinematography also exert enormous influence on formation of opinions and behavior of adolescents.”

My Comment: So far, our egoism dominates us so much that we cannot contradict it, even against common sense. If even at home we cannot prevent our children from viewing violence and base programs, if the society and the state allow the media to be as they are, then the problem is not the youth, but the adult population; so maybe fear that you could be “cold cocked” will affect and bring to the correct decision: to ban harmful media.

I think that destructive consequences of egoistic development of society will accumulate until it no longer can exist and only at the last moment before its self-destruction, will it see the light and accept the method of integral education and upbringing. To prevent this from happening in such a tragic way, a broad explanatory work is required.

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