Left, Right, Left!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe walk on two legs: left, right, left, right. We should always seek the right, but we always start on the left foot, from the growing desire to receive. It is impossible to do anything without a desire, without a deficiency, without any interest.

The action itself is performed by the Light that Reforms. On the whole, it is a very simple process, but because we experience it by these feelings it throws us into different states. When we are on the left side we cannot see the right, and from the right side we cannot believe that there is also a left side. And so we are like kids that either cry or laugh.

The desire to enjoy, the desire to receive, is all of our matter, which totally determines our state: all our feelings, our mind, and our perspective. We all depend on it until we reach the middle line. There we can already be above our desire, both on the left line and the right line, and manage ourselves, which is called above reason, above pleasant impressions or unpleasant ones in our desire to receive. We can already use all these states for our advancement from our own freewill.

But we will be thrown from side to side: to the left and to the right, until we attain the control of the middle line. When we are on the left, we need to somehow control our state so that we will not lose our heads and despair of the fact that everything is bad, that everything is dark, and that we don’t see anything. We have to use the left line effectively and constructively by trying to make something out of it and to not just having a bad feeling, drowning in despair, helplessness, and hopelessness.

It is clear that if a person is totally made of a desire to receive and it totally under the influence of the Light, then nothing will help him but the environment. If he doesn’t lose connection with the environment but invests in it, then the environment will always provide him and influence him with a certain measure of Light. If a person puts his exertion into the “warehouse” of the environment, his connection, his submission to the environment, the more support he will receive in this warehouse during a descent, and then he will be able to rise faster.

It is the same the other way around, when everything is nice and good. Then he shouldn’t lose his head, but rather try to use this situation in order to advance. We will also need the support of the environment that should balance us in such an ascent. The main thing is never to forget and to be aware of the fact that we need to reach a real deficiency. The only way to reach a real deficiency is by the support of the environment, since a person will always escape from the work in such states when he is by himself. The main thing is to go through as many pleasant states as possible and not to think about how beneficial they are for one’s advancement.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/3/13

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  1. “…..and is totally under the influence of the Light….(5fth alinea)…..I think that is a good thing,being totally under the influence of the Light…..or isnt it ??

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