Under Pressure

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From whom do I get a greater desire: the group or the external audience?

Answer: These are two different forms of desire. I get the need for unity and cohesion from the group, and from the external audience, the need for the Creator. Yes, precisely for the Creator.

After all, I myself have no need for Him and neither do my friends. The point in the heart only aims us in His direction but does not give any real momentum; it does not increase the “flesh” of desire; it does not form an empty, hungry vessel.

In uniting with friends, we do not demand the Creator. Nothing pressures or urges us to do that. How much can our own desires spur us? A little bit more and a bit more, but it is an artificial pressure. Everyone is a great guy, everyone is right; there is no such desire between us that will oblige us to act with no exit.

When will it arise? When people require us to respond to their needs, whatever they may be. We will find ourselves under pressure; the need to help them arises, to take care of them and help them, and that’s when we really need the Creator. An inescapable, irresistible desire can come to the created being only under external pressure.

That is why we have no possibility to advance towards the Creator if we do not go out into the world and do not take care of a wide audience.

Even the need to unite in the group will not be saved without outside pressure. Indeed, why do we need to unite? He who wants nothing for himself feels good in a hut in a forest with no amenities. The vessels of bestowal do not feel the need to unite. The points in their hearts do not seek it by themselves.

But what will they bring to the Creator? What kind of receiving vessels are able to lead to correction? It turns out that in fact we have nothing.

On the other hand, the unity of the masses has enormous potential of vessels that have not been manifested yet, both material and especially spiritual.

That is why connection in the group, as well as concern for the public, is possible only under external pressure. Pharaoh helps the sons of Israel escape from Egypt. His army pursues them, “looming over them,” forces them to enter the Red Sea and then stand at Mount Sinai. They do not agree, but after the breaking of the first tablets, they receive the Torah, and the process goes on.

We cannot manage without the pressure from the outside, it is necessary for us. Yes, by uniting between ourselves, we can somewhat neutralize this pressure but not completely.

Question: Does every friend need to connect to the outside desires or is it enough if the world group as a whole is involved in this?

Answer: Both. Both individual and general work is necessary here in various forms. First, we have to get together inside in order to understand how to reach out to the outside audience and then become integrated with it to feel the need in the inner unity again. Then, we need to demand the revelation of the Creator between us in order to give Him pleasure by transferring fulfillment to the external Kli.

Thus, we will take the place of the conductor,  the “transmission channel,” transition link, and realize our destiny.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/10/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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