Our Weapon Is In The Creator’s Hands

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that all we must do is express our willingness for the Upper Light to reform us. There are quite a few groups who are striving to unite for some purpose: the mafia to rule in their area, a Kabbalistic group to achieve some exalted goal. They both say they want to unite; however, in either case, something slows them down, preventing them from reaching unity.

Answer: As for the regional mafia, it lies in their hands. As to “spiritual mafia,” they have a problem: They have no weapon. Their weapon lies in the hands of the Creator. The Creator will hand it over on one condition: that you will be worthy of it, meaning, you will know how to use it correctly. The Light is the most powerful weapon; nothing supersedes its might. It contains the most enormous pleasure, infinite fulfillment, limitless possibilities to do anything at all. How can He give such a weapon to you?

Look how we guard our children while they are growing up from everything that might harm them! Can man be given something so dangerous that he could destroy everything? Therefore, the Upper Light comes to us through concealments, the system of worlds, and works by way of advancing us step by step in stages. This is what we currently are experiencing as suffering. All of this is its effect aimed at advancing us so that in the end we would understand what we need to do, like children who misbehave. It can’t be otherwise!

How can this spiritual mafia be granted the Light? They will make such a feast “for themselves” that it will be more horrible than Babylon and Egypt together. In truth, before they are reformed, they are all Amans. Everyone has a Malchut of Infinity, but we don’t get to know it. I reside in the uppermost layer of egoism, this corporeal world, and below me lies the entire dense thickness of infinite ego, the Malchut of Infinity.

Our Weapon Is In The Creator's Hands
When I am illuminated by a small Light that has passed through the filters of all worlds, it illuminates only a tiny layer of egoism for me. If all of it came in and the entire abyss of egoism opened up, I would never be able to climb out of it, and this is the reason why this world is so small.

Look at how much we are helped from above right now, for it already has exhausted itself, and I see its end, the rock bottom of this world. It holds no more pleasure for me. Where do I get more desires? There aren’t any in this world. All the rest is for bestowal, and the desires of this world you received only in order to exist for the time being. From this moment on, you must decide what to do.

All of this is done for our salvation. After all, if the great Light came in, you would sink in such tremendous suffering that you wouldn’t be able to come out of it. You would be buried under desire that you would not be able to fill. It is like the love that is burns you because you can’t have it.

This is how desire will become revealed against the Light illuminating it, and all of your life would be sold out for yet another chase after pleasure that would make you feel even greater emptiness. It is impossible! It can be no more! The plane regarded as “this world” where you can enjoy something for your own sake for some time in order to develop the mind and feelings to perceive spirituality has come to its completion.

From here on, you must find the Light that comes to illuminate the upper layers of desires  for you, the Light that Reforms, the Surrounding Light. This is the not the light of pleasure, but rather the one that discerns and reforms. Then, the light of fulfillment arrives if you align yourself with it by way of the screen and Reflected Light.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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