Learning To Operate According To A New Program

Dr. Michael LaitmanUntil now, we were able to develop according to the general program of nature. We kept on developing our egoism over the course of human history. Now, we have completed this development and need to begin evolving in a different form.

Before, nature was pushing us to develop according to program “A,” but now, it seems to be beginning to influence us from a new “orbit,” and is launching a program “B” of development. This is why we need to develop in a completely different way.

If program “A” directly developed the desire and the mind, program “B” is working in a different way. It is striving to bring us to similarity in properties and harmony with nature. This is why nature is showing us that we are connected, unified, and that we live in a global, integrated world, regardless of whether we want it or not.

Nature is revealing a new form to us which did not exist previously, and we must make ourselves correspond to it, in other words, to connect, unite, and attain mutual bestowal. We must begin to organize within ourselves and the entire population of earth according to the laws of nature which we are now revealing in society as we discover that everyone is interconnected and depends on one another.

When we do not do this, we become opposite to nature, and a “delta,” a lack of correspondence, appears between us, and it is very dangerous. When we used to work according to program “A” before, we were not opposite to nature. We simply were on the “inanimate” level. Nature was pushing me to develop my egoistic desire and search for fulfillment, and that is what I was doing.

Suffering was pushing me from behind. It always helped me when I was not advancing fast enough, but I always developed in a normal, egoistic direction. This is why those who tried always attained success.

But this no longer works today because nature has begun to influence us from Above in a different form, and we need to change accordingly.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/3/10, Special Talk on the Tragedy in Northern Israel and Balance in Nature

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  1. How is the best way to picture the Nature in my 5 senses,the most accurate in order to help.Ì had tried to scare my conscousness to better feel the emergency of the ralising the goal at every alarm I can hear,by extending it`s pressure as the last,the ultimate one.And what will happen then,how would we react to the fear ?!!

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