Cultivate True Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Letter No. 8: And once I have acquired this above-mentioned clothing, sparks of love promptly begin to shine within me. The heart begins to long to unite with my friends, and it seems to me that my eyes see my friends, my ears hear their voices, my mouth speaks to them, the hands embrace, the feet dance in a circle in love and joy together with them, and I transcend my corporeal boundaries. I forget the vast distance between my friends and me, and the outstretched land for many miles will not stand between us.

It is as though my friends are standing right within my heart and see all that is happening there, and I become ashamed of my petty acts against my friends. Then, I simply exit the corporeal vessels and it seems to me that there is no reality in the world except my friends and me.  After that, even the “I” is cancelled and is immersed, mingled, in my friends, until I stand and declare that there is no reality in the world—only the friends.

Aspirations like these bring people to a state where their last desperate desire is the yearning for closeness, to build a world in which they must exist under other conditions of contact between them. When they reach a true desire of this type, the Light transforms that into a reality.

There are many people in the world to whom the power for spiritual work has not been given, even in the simplest form, even unintentionally in an egoistic form as preparation. It wasn’t given! We see this regarding billions of people in the world, and we have merited that the Creator gave us desires and thoughts that allow us, at least in part, to participate in spiritual work, even if it is the simplest degree.

If a person is prepared to appreciate this gift, then to the degree that he attributes importance to spiritual work when he builds a new world (here only the feelings between us change), to that degree, he needs to thank the Creator.

You see, the truth is that we are not prepared to appreciate the importance of the fact that sometimes we are given even the smallest spiritual action to do. So, the person feels greatness and happiness in his heart and he praises the Creator whom he serves, and thanks Him and accordingly, he rises even higher.

The person must treasure the opportunity that is given to him to serve the Creator and to realize His will.

The “will of the Creator” means that a person constructs a model of the upper world from his relationships with other people.

Just as children play as if they are adults—daughters play with dolls and sons with cars or with war—so must we also play, and then we mature.

In our world, an adult is the one who stops playing. He stops developing, growing. This happens with us automatically because first nature pushes us so that we will grow and, then when free choice appears in us, nature no longer pushes us anymore, and we stop developing.

Therefore, those people, who decide that it is up to them to continue to develop, must continue to play those childhood games but on another level, that is, to build their future lives. They simulate what they imagine in their fantasies, discuss among themselves in a group, in circles, and build it so much so that they begin to feel the world they are approaching.

When a person sees an example of the future world and builds the right altruistic relationships with his friends, but he doesn’t succeed, he asks and demands, then help arrives. However, this happens only when he truly yearns for this. Just screaming and crying will not help here.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 6

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