An Apparatus For Solving The Problems Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that people are gathered around a roundtable in order to discuss business problems and we suggest that they also speak about other subjects: about relationships between couples, health, and children’s education. Is it correct to widen the range of issues?

Answer: It is desirable to begin from something distant; perhaps not business because there could be conflicting interests. I would move the conversation towards some other subject that is more general, civil, simple, collectively human, and with this, show people how it is possible to have a discussion and reach a common denominator.

For example, it is possible to take the subject of relationships between couples, the education of children, relationships with parents—a subject that affects all people.

Question: In groups like these an interesting dynamic is seen. At first people discuss some question, for example a business topic, and when they solve it, then everyone relaxes and they begin to enjoy being together. But this pleasure doesn’t last. If we don’t introduce some kind of special mechanism, then people cool down rapidly. What else could stimulate the process?

Answer: We must add more “fuel to the fire,” new subjects, so they will see that the roundtable is a device for solving the problems of life.

If people connect according to the principles that we establish, where each one around the circle completes the other without opposing the others in any way, understanding that the others also have the right to a personal opinion and that they supplement each other, then it is simply necessary to show them that in a circle like this, basic human problems can be solved.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/15/13

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