A Time To Break Apart And A Time To Assemble Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe created being must become equal to the Creator in properties and ascend to His level, so that both of them stand at the level of eternity and perfection. To achieve this, the Creator gives the creature a broken state, similar to how we give a child an unassembled construction set, like LEGOs, so that while assembling them, the child reaches the level of the creator of the game.

Our story begins in the world of Infinity, where the Creator created us as one soul, one desire. Then, He broke it, and we have to bring this broken will to receive, which egoistically pushes away from its own parts, to the common desire, the equivalence to the Creator.

The Creator Himself is Bestowal. On the one hand, He created the will to receive opposite to Himself; but on the other, He allows it an opportunity to attain the quality of bestowal. Then, it will become a desire to receive in order to bestow, and the creature, thereby, will become exactly similar to the Creator.

The creature has to attain this correction, the intention for bestowal, itself, and then it will understand the entire creation. For this reason, from the world of Infinity, from the state of perfection and equivalence to the Creator, we have descended into our world. This can be compared with a picture that has been divided into individual pieces of a puzzle that are mixed up and totally displaced, which is opposite to the original state. That’s how we find ourselves in the lowest point, our world.

In Infinity, the desire was common for all, consistent in all its parts, and acted as one whole. Now, the system is broken into myriad fragments that are all entangled, immersed in darkness, don’t understand what is going on, and reject each other. This is the description of us in this world.

From this state, we must rise again and attain the perfection of Infinity, assemble our “construction set” so that all souls are reunified into one. This work is called “the work for the Creator”; after all, by doing so, we become equal to Him—-a global, integral force of nature.

We undergo step-by-step egoistic evolution in our world until we reach the stage of the development of the human within us. At that point, nature begins pressuring us to get us to start uniting and assembling the “puzzle.” There comes the time of conscious participation in the process of preparing our ascent back to Infinity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/10, Shamati #161

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