We Will Continue To Aspire Until We Reach Infinity Itself

continuetoaspire When the Partzuf AB asks Galgalta for Light, it awakens an additional desire in Galgalta. With its help, Galgalta is able to draw a more powerful Light than it drew on its own. The lowest of all the Partzufim elicits the most powerful Light, Yechida, in Galgalta, and receives the smallest Light itself: Nefesh de-Nefesh.

The Light of Ruach is something completely new compared to the Light of Nefesh, like a flower compared to a rock: one is living while the other is dead. However, AB doesn’t know anything about this and doesn’t feel it. It will receive everything only upon its return upward.

When we rise from below upward, we gather the whole Light that we awakened in the Upper Partzufim. When we ascend into the World of Infinity, we have the whole Light of NaRaNHY.

Until the End of Correction (Gmar Tikkun), there is an operating law of a reverse correlation of Lights and Kelim. Therefore, each Light is not in its place, not in its own Kli. Only when the ten Sefirot of Direct Light and the ten Sefirot of Reverse Light unite completely from above to the bottom in one infinite Kli of HaVaYaH, with the Light of Ohr Hozer from below to the top, then the Lights will fall into their places and every person will receive the whole Light that he awakened and drew somewhere and sometime, in any other place of the Partzuf.

Each person will participate in all these actions and begin to feel them. Everyone will acquire their infinity. And this will happen to every person!

However, until then, the Lights are never inside their own Kelim, and therefore the pleasure we feel will always be incomplete. This will continuously awaken a desire, which pushes each person to aspire to Infinity.

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