Our Cup Remains Empty So We Will Stay On Track

The reverse order of the Kelim and the Lights is a very important principle because it forces us to achieve perfection. We make so many actions in the whole system, but we feel that after all we have done, we’ve received nothing. The more I work, the emptier I feel!

I come into the treasury and fill my mug with gold, but when I come out, all my gold is gone! So I work more and more, but still I see that I am left with nothing. I come in and out of the treasury with my mug filled with gold a million times, but still I have nothing.

The fact that this happens enables me to work selflessly, and in addition, allows me to develop my desires more and more. In the end, I do reach perfection when I make my final entrance into the treasury. This happens when I’ve already emptied everything that was there and there is nothing left to take…

Until then, everything is arranged in order to enable us to work more and more for a smaller and smaller reward.

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