The Soul Is An Everlasting Part Of The Creator

desires A question I received: It seems like most people don’t think about their body and soul, or about who and what they are.

My Answer: That’s not true. Everybody thinks: “I will die, but my soul will continue to live.” Subconsciously we all know that we are eternal, and we are preoccupied with the thought: “What will happen to my soul?”

No one thinks of himself as just a physical body. Even the most primitive materialists, regardless of their convictions, unwillingly and subconsciously think they are eternal. This idea is built into our very foundation and interlaced in the matter of which we are made. This lies at the very core of our desires, which were created by the Light and over which a human being has no power.

Our desire to be fulfilled consists of five layers, one of which is our need to connect with the Creator. As a result of the shattering of vessels, each of us is connected to the spiritual realm. That is why at our very depth, even without our conscious awareness of the fact, we feel that we are eternal and that life will not end at the time of our natural death. If not for this idea, we would not have energy to live.

Some people think that we continue to live through our children, or by devoting our lives to service to our country or society at large. But that’s not true. If we had clear knowledge that when this life ends, that is the end of our existence, and in addition, the earth will stop rotating in a little while, or in other words, if we only realized that we are not eternal, we would not have the energy to live.

We are all created with the subconscious understanding that we are eternal. We originate from the Creator and thus possess a part of Him which is everlasting. On one hand, we are also similar to “mortal animals,” but we are able to advance above their level to the higher level called “human” (or “speaking”) because we have the sensation of being eternal. Without this sensation, we would never have evolved to a higher level than animals that walk on all fours.

In order to develop as “human beings” and reach the “speaking” level, we must perceive ourselves as immortal creatures. The Creator provides this sensation to us, and that’s what makes a human being different from an animal.

A person’s inner world starts with his subconscious connection with the Creator and his sensation of eternal life. Being “human” – Adam, means “similar to the Creator” (in Hebrew, Adam means “similar”). That is why all our decisions, aspirations, strategies, and even attempts at suicide originate from our inner belief in our eternal state.

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