The Result Of The Convention Is The Work Of The Higher Force On Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During one of the days of the convention it seemed a strange wave passed , and at that moment it seemed that surely everything was already corrected! There was some kind of flash and everyone felt this. But after this, everything disappeared as if it never happened. And there was a certainty that anyone who came into the smallest contact with the collective group surely felt this connection.

Is the belief that everyone will be corrected one hundred percent true?

Answer: There is no doubt about it. How could it be that something would remain uncorrected if all of nature is integral and even its smallest parts are linked between them?

Suppose that you were to remain uncorrected, this says that the entire creation would be uncorrected. Therefore you also need to make an effort. It cannot be otherwise! This is on one hand.

On the other hand, we see in ourselves how fleeting the desires can be. One desire, a second, a third… suddenly the thought “flies” somewhere, other desires appear and so forth. Millions of external stimuli are liable to influence us because there are still uncorrected spaces within us that are corrected only through the mutual intersection between our desires and thoughts.

Therefore the work that we are doing now is the most effective.

Sometimes I sit in a lesson and watch how the people study, read, and I feel that the air is full of wisdom but it is not effective. And now in this convention we are not speaking about any wisdom, we don’t make special sketches, don’t use the sophisticated language of our sources, but we feel very intense inner actions that are happening on a higher level, above us.

Thanks to our readiness to connect and nullify according to the conditions for rising with “faith above reason,” as it is called, to prefer bestowal instead of reception, we awaken actions from above upon ourselves. They descend upon us gradually and sink into us. Therefore, you will continue to feel its results being revealed in you for a long time after the convention.

Personally I don’t feel any special difference between the convention, the lessons, or various other events because all of these are a continuous chain of the work of the higher force upon us. We place ourselves under its influence and it acts.

And there is an immense difference between the action and its application. We can carry something out today and after a week or two receive a reaction to this action because it is imperative that there be linkages of additional mechanisms for this action, which is to say further crowds of people.

For example, soon we will return to our places, will mix with the rest of our immediate environment, and they will be connected to us in some form. In the environment of our groups, our relatives, and colleagues at work, we become more “dense,” everyone will gradually react without understanding and we also will not understand how this works, but that is what happens.

After this crowd absorbs our excitement, gradually it gets along and with the passage of time, it relaxes. Precisely after that, we truly begin to feel the results of the convention. This could happen over a number of weeks and maybe another month or two.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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