The Two Major Guiding Signs For Our Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I understood correctly, we are corrected by first seeing something in “faith above reason” and then by the Light that Reforms which makes it part of our reason.

Answer: Attaining the real state in the corrected perception is called attainment “within reason.” First I see the level that is above and which I cannot reach and fulfill inside me, but I can adhere to it by a means called “faith above reason,” to receive it above my reason, above my attributes.

The Two Major Guiding Signs For Our Ascent
I am on a certain level and want to ascend to the next state to my future self, whichever way I want to imagine it, and so I pray for it and ask. But in this future, upper state, I need to imagine the group, the teacher, the goal, everyone on an upper level and myself here below.

When I adhere to them this way, I totally yearn to be there like a child who dreams of being a grownup. So from the upper level, the first illumination, called the Light that Reforms, comes to me. This is what happens since there are always two Reshimot (spiritual genes) in us: Reshimo of Hitlabshut (from the future Light) and Reshimo of Aviut (thickness) (from the current desire). The determination of the Light is always on a higher level, for example, four/three.

The Reshimo of Aviut is called “reason,” and the Reshimo of Hitlabshut is called “above reason.” This is how the levels of the ladder are arranged. We are in the system and its laws operate on us as we study the wisdom of Kabbalah. In the meantime we cannot feel their influence on us, but we live in it. From the moment a person begins to study, he already operates within the upper system and he needs to feel the meaning behind every word.

The ascent up the ladder is an ascent “above reason” and entering “within reason,” and then again ascending above reason, etc. We need two things in order to advance this way and to not get stuck on the way: self annulment and loyalty to the upper. There is nothing but that. These are the two major guiding signs; I can ascend if I want to annul myself and raise the upper.

But there is no rope that ties me to the upper. I create this connection by myself by annulling myself and adhering to Him. It seems to me that the upper operates in a totally unreasonable way and I seem to blame Him for many sins. Different states are presented to us from above since we are so opposite from spirituality and cannot see the truth, but I have to annul my opinion and adhere to the upper unconditionally.

This is very difficult and we can only count on luck and on our good fate here and not on our reason. The moment you decide that you have to follow your reason, you remain on your level and don’t move anymore. You have already broken the connection, fell off the rope that pulled you upwards, lost the direction and the ability to advance. Your reason immediately throws you off to the corporeal level and you are not a developing human being anymore but have fallen out of the system.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/03/13, Writings of Rabash

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