From Now On The Account Is Only With Regard To Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a created being nullify his shame before the Creator?

Answer: These are the same corrections that we perform in the worlds of BYA when we raise them to Atzilut. Atzilut (from the Hebrew root meaning “with Him”- “Itzlo”) is the place of the love of the Creator and the worlds of BYA are the place where the created being exists.

All the clarifications of the outcomes of the shattering are only clarifications of love. Without the shattering we wouldn’t be able to understand this love. It became possible only because the shattering has revealed the hate, the shattered desires that prevent us from getting along with the Creator. We want to mutually respond to His love in “faith above reason.”

Imagine that I am willing to give everything that I have as long as I can express my love in response to your love. I don’t want any give and take accounts between us: “You are for me and I am for you,” but only mutual love that is above any gain; this is called a perfect pairing.

This is the reason for the spreading of the worlds from the top down and for our ascent from the bottom up. In fact there is no up or down in the upper worlds. “From the top down” means the mechanical preparation of pairings in which the Masach (screen) and the Returning Light participate in Zivug de Haka’a (coupling of striking). But from the “bottom up” it is only accounts of love and not about the quantity and quality of the Light, which means not about the filling but about its derivatives, what I receive beyond all the presents.

Our only work is to establish the feeling of love for the Creator in us. But we discover the total opposite of love in all our desires, which means hatred. But this is already a revelation of love since we discover its oppositeness, which is already a great achievement.

The shattering allows us to understand what love is! A person who has not experienced shattering doesn’t know how to love and doesn’t know how to hate and actually doesn’t feel anything. The shattering brings us to a very acute state; it forces us to clarify things very accurately with regard to love. We don’t measure the temperature, blood pressure, or the weight of the Light and the size of the vessel; we only measure the love that depends on certain conditions or doesn’t depend on anything.

This is the outcome of the shattering, which gives us such incredible opportunities. Thus, it becomes very clear why it was necessary for the descent of the worlds to be from the top down until this world.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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