Combining The Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are states that become manifested and continue only at the end of the four phases of development of the creature, when the Light causes the creature to feel shame. Once the creature attains the fourth phase (Behina Dalet), it finds itself at a degree opposite the Creator, but realizes this in an opposite manner: It perceives this contrast as shame. In this manner, two polar opposites appear in one place, and shame neutralizes the entire pleasure of the creature by negating its “I.”

In the end, the creature is ready to restrict itself as it is left with only one solution: “I must become like the Creator in my action, no matter what this will require of me.” In previous phases, the creature has already tasted both reception and bestowal; it has already been in the Creator’s place, and it has gained all the necessary impressions. Now it is following only one goal by restricting itself: to become like the Creator.

After descending below the veils of the worlds, after the breaking of the vessels and all the previous phases of our development, we are now standing before the action of ascending back towards the Light. Our generation is the first to begin the correction.

As before, this process combines direct opposites: Our egoistic desire wants to receive pleasure, and shame does not let it do this, while the rudiment of the desire to bestow is awakening within us. After the breaking of the vessels, the phases of the Direct Light, reception, and bestowal became a part of us. As a consequence, we must keep two opposites within us, and this is the most difficult part.

This is because on one hand, man develops through a growing desire, and on the other, this alienates him further from the Creator. Therefore, he needs to transform his desire with an intention to bestow. By strengthening this intention, he will grow and come closer to the Creator.

One man’s strength is his egoistic desire, and the other is his similarity to the Creator, his power to bestow. These two opposite forces take turns manifesting in us, and we need to combine them with our own efforts.
From the 1st Part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/10, Writings of Rabash, “The Virtue of the Little One”

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