The Crisis In Art

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Nikita S. Mikhalkov, Soviet and Russian filmmaker, actor, and head of the Russian Cinematographers’ Union): “The president of the International Moscow Film Festival Nikita Mikhalkov explained why most of the festival are characterized by gloom and despair and summed up the results of the 35th film festival.

“Gloomy movies are a reflection of the global trend; a movie from any major festival triggers ‘the desire to put a bullet in the forehead of oneself or one’s neighbor.’ We are in a state of severe human crisis. Just a conflict between two persons, which are in abundance in literature and were many in movie, is not enough. We need to be scared through 3D. People have developed a habit of an internal disaster; the death of the screen has stopped worrying. ‘We have lost respect for life, for people, and this very crisis if born out of this,’ Mikhalkov suggests.”

My Comment: But the question arises, why doesn’t art make people interested in a new world? It is because the artists do not see a way out of the crisis. However, they do not want to hear about the need to correct people. I hope that the fall of art will bring them to the need to accept Integral Education as a necessity and that they will base their artwork on it for the mass audience. After all, art is a means of educating people.

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