“Unhappiness By The Numbers”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Healthline): “As if depression weren’t bad enough, statistics show that diagnoses are growing at an alarming rate. In addition, states with higher rates of depression also show high rates of other negative health outcomes, such as obesity, heart disease, and stroke. … Despite all of these statistics on depression, this infographic shows that many people suffer symptoms of depression without seeking care, and that undiagnosed depression costs the U.S. millions of dollars each year.”

My Comment: Since the entire nature is the desire to enjoy, from the desire to maintain its structure in inanimate matter to the desire to develop maximally in the animate nature, then the feeling of emptiness is the most obvious sensation in the desire, its “exposed” suffering. That is why precisely in our time is when egoism must begin its correction, it discovers emptiness, a lack of fulfillment.

This is intended to assist us in correcting egoism, rejecting it. And instead, we invent methods of satisfying it, and thus just increase and extend our suffering. If like a smart child, we had understood at once that we should do otherwise, we would have quickly come out of suffering and found a comfortable existence. But we are like the stubborn fool who wants to act in his own way, and as a result, we increase our suffering and stretch it for many years.

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