“80% Of The Gold The World Owns Doesn’t Exist”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Wealth Wire): “Chris Powell, Secretary and Treasurer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee told Bernie Lo on CNBC Asia overnight that central banks are continuing to manipulate the gold market as they are interested in supporting government bonds and the dollar and keeping interest rates low. Powell warns about ‘paper gold’ and says that we ‘try to persuade investors that if they are purchasing gold, they had better get real gold – metal.

“’They should not get ‘paper gold’ and keep it within the banking system.’ He says that ‘there is huge naked short position in gold’ and estimates that perhaps ‘75% to 80% of the gold that the world thinks it owns does not exist and is just a claim on a bullion bank that is underwritten basically by the central banks.’

“With regard to price Powell said that he does not make predictions but he wonders ‘what the value or the price of gold will be if the world ever discovers that 80% of the gold that it thinks it owns – does not exist.’

“’There may not be enough zeros in the world to put behind the gold price then.’

“Powell said that buyers should own gold in ‘your hand’ or in allocated format outside of the banking system.”

My Comment: That’s when people will die for metal! There are plenty of bubbles around us, and there is only one opportunity to blow them away: to introduce integral education and upbringing. It will create in people the correct attitude towards oneself and the world, will allow us to re-establish our relationships and our attitude to the values: personal (food, sex, and family) and social (wealth, power, and knowledge). Their correct combination in each of us will create a possibility for our unity as cogwheels in one integral mechanism, one community in which everyone will feel fulfilled and not deprived by others.

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  1. How are we to do this, when the gate keepers, agents of the matrix, control the gates of redemption with threat of death? They have bared the gates!

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