Helping The World Reveal The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we come to integrality and unification through dissemination and the integral method?

Answer: Dissemination supports us, it obliges us to be together, to communicate, connect, discuss, and so on. But we shouldn’t forget that dissemination will be effective only if we are pursuing a higher goal: the revelation to the world of the state in which it would exist inside the upper Light, in supreme good, in love and bestowal. We are all inside this field: a field of information, a field of kindness.

If we’re pursuing this goal in our dissemination work, then through that, we evoke the influence of the surrounding Light upon us and the whole world. And, of course, through that we become closer ourselves. This intention should be present at least somehow, somewhere, in some form, but we need to take care to ensure that it is there.

We don’t have a right to forget about it, because otherwise, our dissemination won’t be effective, it would simply be a corporeal action. But if we’ll be thinking about how through this action we’re bringing the world, and ourselves along with it, towards revelation of the Creator, then we will succeed.

We can also add an intention that through this, we wish to bring pleasure to the Creator. But this is too high of a degree. I don’t want to talk about this yet, because people get confused: “Who is the Creator? What kind of pleasure are we talking about?”, and so on. Our inner psychology operates with such phrases. We cannot give anything to the Creator, no kind of pleasure. But we say it this way because we feel that this is seemingly happening in the reflection on us.

If we start pursuing this goal, then our dissemination will be billions of times more effective. And this is most important. You have to go to disseminate with an understanding that through this, you’re bringing enormous benefit to the world, helping them reveal the Creator. Moreover, the connection between us will become correspondingly greater. The problem is only in the absence or incompleteness of our intention.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/12, Lesson 5

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