Crossing To Another Dimension

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that we can exist in another form: without the body or outside of it?

Answer: There is information, its carrier, and someone who senses this information. And all of them can change. Information (the intellect and so on) can exist not only in a protein, silicon, or other carrier, and not even in the material one, not in the brain.

Information per se is not material. It is only us who perceive it through a material carrier. We are already able to pass on information from a protein, live carrier (the brain) to an inanimate one. All of our evolution has been leading us to gradual changes in the information carrier, the gradual distancing from its initial, natural form: from speech to writing on different carriers, and then to programming and storing information in the virtual space.

Today we are standing at the threshold to another state in which the body will lose its importance, the sensations will transfer to a new dimension (the attribute of bestowal), while we will move the information from the brain-carrier or, to be more precise, the quality of reception, to another carrier: the quality of bestowal.

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  1. It is possible to experience this knowledge first hand. I believe that consciousness is the result of quorum sensing within the brain, with reference to cellular , or neuronal concentration. I also believe that the smallest structures within us do not differentiate between themselves and the smallest structures outside of our selves, and that there is a quorum sensing among such substances resulting in a quantum consciousness, in which there is no inner and outer reality, but one reality which is and always has permeated all things in an eternal now.

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