Honor And Dignity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The egoistic modern personality rests on such human concepts as honor and dignity.

Answer: Even having no dignity and honor, everyone tries to emphasize that they uphold honor, tries to play the role of a modern gentleman.

In mutual integral interaction this doesn’t exist. Here we declare that the only true value is our unification. The only thing that matters is whether a person is able to unite with others, to understand them, and to open himself up so that they will understand him and unite with him into one whole. All the good that there is in the world and us is realized only in this.

Anything else that is not under the label of unification is faulty, and we simply denounce it. What is more, these denouncements are essential in order to unite. This means that they are actually positive! Without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve anything.

All our negative attributes are needed in order to create the positive attributes; on top of them and in contrast to them, we build everything that is positive because initially there is nothing positive in us. Thanks to the ego that grows in us, we can constantly develop the attribute of bestowal and the love of others, which is opposite to it.

Question: A person with an “inflated” sense of honor and dignity perceives such a group of people as spineless losers.

Answer: We are like that by nature. Nature operates us by instincts! We receive an education in kindergarten and then in school; nothing is our own. The natural instincts are not mine. So who am I? My instincts operate me, my body and throw me into battles with others, and all this isn’t me! I only experience suffering as a result of everything that my distorted nature does with me and everything that I was taught by the society.

Actually I have nothing in life. I am a poor puppet that suffers from having been made this way in a corrupt factory.

If we reach this conclusion, then there is nothing to be proud of. On the contrary, let’s help one another. And if we don’t want to correct ourselves, if we don’t wish to help, it also is part of our negative attributes.

Naturally, it is necessary to ensure continuous cooperation, mutual help, and, of course, constant, serious training in a group.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #13, 12/18/11

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Feeling Yourself Inside Mother Bina

The Arava ConventionQuestion: On whom does the ability to annul oneself with regards to the upper one depend: on a person or only on the Light?

Answer: The level of your self-annulment depends on the group. You will never be able to annul yourself before the teacher and before the Creator if the group doesn’t encourage, support, and strengthen you. You cannot annul your desires by yourself; you don’t have the strength for that.

You have to work with the group in relation to the Creator because without it, you won’t be able to approach Him. You have to assume the correct form that draws you closer to the Creator, and you do that with the help of the group. The group gives you this form of annulment, the approach, the point of contact with the upper one—you do all that within the group.

During the convention in the Arava desert you felt the existence of this contact point, the point of general connection. It isn’t in the upper one yet, but it is the result of our collective efforts. Now we need to develop it so that we will feel that this point is in the waters of Bina, in the Upper Mother (Ima Ilaa). This is the state we have to attain.

We should feel that we are inside the upper one and annul ourselves more and more on top of the growing ego in us, on top of the conflicts and problems that come up. We annul ourselves for the sake of unity, in order to stay in the upper one, to bring Him pleasure and not to reveal our desire, because otherwise we will become a foreign body and there will be a shattering, an abortion.

We have to attain greater loyalty to the upper one, which will symbolize that we are growing and expanding inside Bina, until we fill the entire space of Bina by our desire. The result is that the desire to enjoy is in it, but we have annulled ourselves completely above our ego and thus have grown. This is called a spiritual embryo.

When it reaches the size of all of Bina, of all the spiritual womb, its doors open.
From Lesson 2. The Internal Convention, 3/2/2012

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