After Eight Years…

Dr. Michael LaitmanEight years ago at the convention in Sitrin, we all shouted: “We will break though the Machsom (barrier)!” I kept quiet then because there was no point in saying anything or to object. What does it mean to “break through”? Will we, by using our ego, break the spiritual Machsom?

Gradually we began to understand that it is possible to transcend the Machsom only by the connection among us, by repressing the ego and rising to the attribute of bestowal, to mutual connection, above our ego, and then by creating something that is external to us, external to our egoistic “self.”

This is the only way a collective vessel is created, because it can only exist as a collective vessel and not as everyone’s individual vessel! Gradually the spiritual thoughts and desires were formed in us. After all, it is a long way! Look at what we’ve been through since then! It is an internal spiritual revolution inside a person!

We’ve started talking about it and beating the ego since the beginning of the crisis, because the ego has been revealed in the world as a negative force. Since then, we’ve been getting closer to the point of our connection, the point of our adhesion, in which we really find ourselves as being reborn in the upper world, in the next phase of attaining nature.

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