The Solution To The Crisis Lies In Rising Above The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (German Chancellor Angela Merkel): “German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there are no easy or fast solutions to Europe’s economic crisis, but the agreement by eurozone countries last week for more fiscal discipline was a good step.

“The German leader said while the path to full ‘fiscal union’ in the EU would be a long process that may take years…”

My Comment: This process will take years because only when people realize the futility of looking for solutions in old paradigms will they consider heeding a different solution, one that requires changing the way we relate to the world.

The world must understand that the new attitude toward life isn’t about constant and aimless growth. Rather, industry must satisfy basic necessities instead of promoting purposeless hoarding. This would also free people up to be educated on the next level of civilization: unifying above the individual ego of every person into a single whole.

Nature is pushing us toward this, and this pressure will only continue to build. In the past we have always developed by compulsion, as the ego developed within us. But we felt this development as desirable because we are inherently egoistic. However, now nature is forcing us to rise to the next level of our development, which is about rejecting the ego. And that is why nature gradually shows us that our ego is evil.

The choice is ours. We can advance toward rejecting the ego and building the connection between us under the coercion of blows, such as the present crisis, wars, epidemics, or natural disasters. Or we can arrive at the realization that it’s better to rise above the ego in favor of unity and an integral society before the ego fully reveals itself as evil. To this end, we need to institute a system of integral education and upbringing of the whole humanity. The task is far from simple, but it is the only way to avoid catastrophes.

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