Questions About Co-Workers And Americans

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have a problem at work: Some people annoy me a lot, and I have to admit that I look down on them and feel myself to be better than they are. Should I just ignore things that they do and accept them and love them as if they were pieces of myself?

Answer: You have to love them no matter how repulsive they seem to you.

Question: If before correction we are all being guided unknowingly, like puppets, by the Creator, particularly the politicians and nations, then why do you single out America as if we are some rogue operator who, as you say, “is trying to destroy Israel”? Why do you make snide remarks about their intentions? If you have a problem with the U.S., rather than post such divisive rhetoric, why don’t you take your own advise and “go to the craftsman who made them”?

Answer: To help you overcome your arrogance and, using your influence over the world, to correct it as soon as possible.

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