Questions About Occupy Wall Street

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the post “Anti-Wall Street Protest In New York” you wrote: “This is still neither the feeling of crisis nor an anti-crisis protest, like in Israel, but merely students’ freedom games.”

No, these are not “students’ freedom games,” Dr. Laitman. The protest has drawn protesters of diverse ages and occupations. These protests are being mirrored in many cities across the U.S. simultaneously and are a perfect ground to plant the Arvut (mutual guarantee) movement.

Answer: You are right, this quickly changes, matures, and evolves.

Question: I feel strongly that we need the force of unity. In the dissemination to the 99% project, many of us write true and even inspiring words. Nevertheless, the public often responds to these posts as if we were dreaming idiots, unaware of the nature of mankind. It isn’t the words that create the change; it will be the unity and the intention behind the words. May we continue to strengthen our spiritual intent and unify!

Answer: You are right, only the force of mutual guarantee between us, the one percent, will be able to affect the 99 percent and will arouse in them an aspiration towards unity.

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