If You Don’t Worry About Evolution, Evolution Will Worry About You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What if I have chosen an environment, but I can’t concede to it, can’t bring myself under its influence? Does it mean that I am destined to external suffering because I lack internal achievements?

Answer: Suppose that according to the root of your soul, the time has come for you to develop spiritually. This is possible only through mutual connection with a special environment that will enable you to acquire the attribute of bestowal and to discover the next, higher state. Suppose you have already approached it, that it is your turn in the general system, and you have been given a chance.

In this case, if your personal efforts to be in contact with the general system are not enough, you are behind, and then nature’s external forces, which you didn’t activate by the right work in unity and in mutual guarantee, automatically pressure you. They have already been activated, but it’s as if they are unemployed, and so you feel these forces as suffering until you activate them.

There must be a special connection for each of them: here in love, here in unity, here in dissemination, and here in studying… Put everything in its place and you will feel peace. Otherwise, these forces are left without use, without the right connection, and these discrepancies with your present level of development affect you negatively.

The forces that you should have activated (but didn’t) summon the suffering that you feel. In other words, they make you pay attention to them and to correct the defects, to make the necessary connections. This is the difference between the right path and the path of suffering.

With the help of the group we can discover these opportunities and do our best to include them in the unity. If it’s the opposite, we will certainly suffer, both individually and as a group. This means that I suffer because of my external and internal forces by which I should have already connected to the general system.

No one is stopping me except me. There is the group, and instead of judging its advantages and disadvantages, I have to see it as ideal. So the problem is only in me.

And by correcting myself, I also correct the group. I awaken the friends to bestow upon me even more strongly, but actually I awaken myself to demand more from them. One way or another all the correction takes part internally.

Question: I understand what I have to do, but why is it so difficult?

Answer: Actually, you haven’t clarified to yourself what you should do. This is what makes it so difficult. If you accurately discover what you have to do, you will see that you have to be in a close, inner, and “intimate” contact with the environment.

This contact frees you from all worries. It’s as if you open a small screen, connect one heart to another, and you get everything that you need from the environment. You connect to the environment, and together you become a whole—and the problems disappear: Now all the forces that pressured you in the form of suffering become friendly and desirable.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/18/2011, “The Freedom”

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  1. “… They have already been activated, but it’s as if they are unemployed, and so you feel these forces as suffering until you activate them. …”

    There appears a connection between this and Rav’s advice that we pass on in more general terms to the 99% concenring the need to stipend the growing numbers of unemployed, directing them towards education concerning the integral system.

    Is this so, and if so, should this relationship be in our intent of directing the Light in such dissemination?

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