Keep What Was Attained

Dr. Michael LaitmanStarting now we must strengthen that which we have attained; we must grow the unity that was born between us at the convention. This point must multiply. Even though it appears to be overwhelming and never-ending in the beginning of the journey, in reality it is not so. The spiritual stages are much shorter that the first, preliminary stage.

When we rise from Malchut and merge with Zeir Anpin, the spiritual power intensifies sixty times, and when Zeir Anpin rises to YESHSUT, it creates six hundred times stronger intensity. Every new degree includes the ten Sefirot and adds a position, increases our might by a power of ten: six thousand, sixty thousand, and so on.

Moreover, we must not forget that the entire world needs the spiritual ascent. We must convey the method of correction to humanity, the method of universal unity. We must correct the crisis in this world, which will be expanding, seizing everyone without exception, to the very last village, the very last corner of the world. It will manifest in every family and in every person. This multi-crisis will touch on every area of human activity.

And this is why all of us will have to work in the role of mentors, disseminators of the method. The crisis will not stop until the entire world enters a mutual interconnection, until everyone becomes like we are now. We assume that this is impossible, but in reality, it will be much easier for the world to do than for us. Desires and ideas are easier to spread in large masses, down the threads of the inner interconnection. The collective soul did not go anywhere: We are separated only in our sensations. People will understand us very quickly, come closer, and connect with us.

The main thing right now is to strengthen the feeling of unity which appeared at the convention. These are the actual spiritual gates. There are new people among us who have simply enjoyed being with their friends. There are people who feel something greater, people who already manifest this feeling of a spiritual revelation, the first attainment and not just a union. And there are some who have advanced even further. We represent a full spectrum, and I am very happy about these variations in the collective vessel. This means that it lives and develops.

Now you just need to strengthen it, and you’ll see that it will be relatively easy. We need to protect our unity at least a little bit, despite the disturbances. We will return back home, and most important is to keep what was attained.

I stay close to my friends despite the distance and watch the world from aside. I sit on a plane or a train, and the entire world is outside my window. Everything flows by me on the outside, but what matters to me is what is happening on the inside. This inner flame is more important than anything else, more important than life. I put all things in their places, distribute them according to the scale of values, and then the key is to remain on top, at the tip of the pyramid, in the feeling I have attained. I am even prepared to die with it because eternity is concealed in it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/2011, “600,000 Souls”

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  1. Dear Rav, what should those of us who did not attain this feeling of unity do?????
    I study for 6 years now, i am in a virtual group since there is no group where i live, and i disseminate. I am desperately afraid of not being included in the oneness, since this is the purpose of life.. You are speaking now of what to do further with our unity. How can we do that if we didn’t even attain unity??? I know for sure i am not the only one who hasn’t reached it. Please counsel us

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