The Zohar: The Narrative About Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpiritual work focuses on the unification between us and the merger with the upper force that shapes us. How can I quickly, correctly, and effectively unite the three factors: myself, the group, and the Creator? To achieve this, Kabbalists wrote their books for us. In reality, these books are intended for them so they can share impressions and unite with each other.

When I read a book written by a Kabbalist, he reveals to me what he has discovered himself. Of course, he writes not about the material world, but about his spiritual attainment, about various spiritual states, and while reading, I also experience them.

In our world, reading fiction, I imagine myself as the hero living through the described situation. However, reading a Kabbalah book, a Kabbalist does not fantasize, but experiences the appropriate spiritual state, feeling the same as the author. In his time, the author revealed some reality, and now I enter it, describing it within myself by means of spiritual forces.

Kabbalists could limit themselves to the technical language of symbols, like programmers who write codes in “computer language.” Sometimes, we see those “hieroglyphs” on the screen and cannot comprehend them. Indeed, nothing else is required. After all, I only need to know how to combine my desires: in what form of bestowal, relative to whom and to what. Accordingly, I describe a particular state. I perceive a picture of reality within myself, in my desires and thoughts, and it can be described in a simple way.

The Book of Zohar is different. It is written in a poetic language and addresses our feelings, using the concepts of our world and its psychology. We should not forget that we actually talk about the spiritual world, about our inner reality, how we are united with each other. Any state described in The Book of Zohar shows me how I, the group, and the Creator unite together again. This is the only thing one should think about while reading The Zohar, and then the book will definitely help us reveal the relationships at the higher degrees.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/11/2011, The Zohar

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