How The Economic Crisis Has Affected The Theory Of Economics

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Achim Wambach, PhD, Professor of Economics, University of Cologne): “This crisis is a crisis of confidence. We need to create market structures in which participants will trust each other.

“The main task of economists is to develop a scientific basis for creating institutions, conducive to restoring confidence in the market. The crisis has shown that everyone behaves exclusively rationally: Politicians save the banks, the banks play against the states, and states are driving themselves deeper into debt.”

My Comment: Confidence is impossible without full awareness of complete mutual dependence, without an understanding of a single system of integral humanity, which we reached in our development and which requires us to become integrally connected.

And this is impossible without educating everyone in the spirit of integral humanity as one family. Without realizing and implementing this model of behavior, we will not survive in the new conditions of nature.

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