Many Problems, One Reason

Dr. Michael LaitmanLately we are observing many problems in the world, crises on different levels that are expressed in different ways. No matter what man does, he sees that he does not succeed anywhere—not with his children, nor his family, work, himself, or the climate. At the end of the day, the most important aspect, the system of security and supply, meaning the financial system, the economy, is destroyed, and who knows whether man will be able to provide the necessities of life for himself.

All of these states are meant to bring us to the realization that there is one reason here causing all of these problems. As we know from the science of Kabbalah, there is no other reason besides the upper force, “There is none besides Him.” But this singular force is constantly revealed to us in different forms, by virtue of which we advance.

Either we advance by the good path, with inspiration, desire, and aspiration to the goal, or we advance by the path of suffering, not aspiring to the goal but unwillingly running towards it to get away from the current state.

Therefore, everything that becomes revealed inside of us and among us, everything that we aren’t able to do in the connection between us, in the attainment of the goal, in unity, in everything—we have to connect all of that together into one powerful, common demand for correction. Then, during the study, and especially while reading The Book of Zohar, the Light will come through and correct us.

If we aim at the goal, as much as we can recognize it according to our degree, then the Light will do its job. Therefore, everything that seems bad to us in our society, in dissemination, in every one of us, in the understanding of the path, in the connection with others, we have to try to ask for this to be corrected as something that’s common to all.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/18/11, The Zohar

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