We Start From A Distance

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “One Commandment”: It is hopeless to wait for a time when a solution is found for allowing one to begin the work of the Creator altruistically. As in the past so in the future, every servant of the Creator must begin the work egoistically and from that achieve bestowal.

We start from a distance, with the egoistic desire to receive whatever seems valuable to us: money, respect, power, knowledge, excellence, health, the next world, foresight, or comprehension of secrets. Each one is attracted to something else in the wisdom of Kabbalah, something that is close to his heart. This is how a person begins his path.

But gradually, thanks to the integrated influence of the group, the studies, and dissemination, a person draws upon himself the Light that Reforms. The Light is the only acting force, but we activate it by different, collateral means and actions that seemingly have nothing to do with it.

I may joke around with the friends, have no correct intention and hardly sit at the lesson, or disseminate because my ego wants to impose my values on others. It all does not matter. If the actions themselves are close to the Light, if they are intended to bestow, to study, and to unite, then they draw the Light that Reforms. As it is said: “Commandments do not require intent.”

So there is action, and there is intention. My actions are the studies, dissemination, gatherings of friends, and the work in the group. However, I have no control over my intentions. I can feel that I am an angel or a devil, it doesn’t matter. If I perform the necessary actions to the best of my ability, I draw the reforming Light that gradually helps me transition from the egotistic intention to the altruistic one—from Lo Lishma (for oneself) to Lishma (for the sake of bestowal).

The only difference is the intention. The actions remain the same: I continue to study as before, I take part in gatherings of friends and dissemination, but my intention is corrected more and more, compelling me to truly connect with others, with the Creator, and to bestow upon them.

This is the process, and we should only continue it without any delays. No one can escape it. We should only look for the most efficient actions to hasten the process and still look for the intentions that are closer to bestowal and can be added to them.

Everyone goes through the same stages, and no one can skip any of them. We can, however, speed up the advancement, and this is all of our work. It is said that Israel hastens time. Here the Creator cannot yield. After all, all the stages are essential in order to acquire the mind and feeling needed to create the vessels that enable us to understand and to attain Him, to reach the equivalence of form and merge with Him.


From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/2011, “One Commandment”

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